Biking is surely the best way of discovering the landscape. Whilst cycling you can both discover the most interesting sights and architecture of Bohinj as well as do something good for your health and the environment. You can find plenty of biking trails appropriate for families and leisurely biking, as well as trails for experienced bikers. The most interesting sights are found on the Bohinj biking trail and lead to natural and cultural sights while passing pastures and fields, rivers and lakes and experiencing homely culinary pleasures.

Bohinj also offers possibilities for mountain biking. You can rent a mountain bike or go on a guided bike tour.

At an altitude of more than 1200 meters above Lake Bohinj, you can surrender yourself to adrenaline filled pleasures on the mountain biking trail of Vogel, in the heart of the Triglav National Park. (More at this link)

Cycling through Slovenia is an unforgettable pleasure 

Slovenia is a land of infinite forests, clean alpine rivers and lakes, of good food and drink, a land of friendly people. It is a small, picturesque land, where you can cycle from Alpine summits to the Adriatic Sea in a day or two. There are several mountain roads and trails which can lead you close to the Alpine mountain tops, from where you can then descend into green valleys, infinite forests, vineyards and fertile fields and into small and friendly Slovenian towns.

It is a true cycling pleasure to ride through valleys of the magical Slovenian rivers and lakes, which are perfect for a quick cool down and refreshment in the hot summer days. In spring and fall time, we recommend bicycling tours through Kras and by the Adriatic Sea. These areas have a very mild Mediterranean climate, which makes cycling possible almost all year round. You can find cycling trails all around the country, leading past natural, cultural and historical sights.