Bohinj is a paradise in its own right, made up of 24 beautiful villages. You can explore it by either bike, canoe, paraglider, skis or foot. It is an interesting location for adrenaline junkies as well as travellers who wish to experience this place in a more peaceful manner. We help you make the most of this experience.

The Bohinj mountains and The Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes are a world of perfection that no serious hiker should miss. On request, we can also provide you with a guide which will safely accompany you on your trips.

As much as 66 percent of the Bohinj province lies inside the area of The Triglav National Park and 84 percent of the province’s area is protected under Nature 2000. The entire Bohinj basin is 20 km long and 5 km wide.

Would you like to know where the name Bohinj comes from? The following legend speaks of its origin:
When God was bestowing the world to people, he gave each group of people a certain part of land. When he had given away all of the land, he noticed a few people still standing on the side. He had forgotten about them, because they did not tussle or speak up. He felt pity for them, for they were so patient and humble. He had no more land to give, so he gave them a piece of his own most beautiful world, and that is why Bohinj is now named as it is. Bohinj comes from God, because the citizens of Bohinj call God Boh (the Slovenian word for God is otherwise “Bog”).

Taken from Bohinjske pravljice by Marija Cvetek.