Bohinj is not just a beautiful area of nature, but also a place of culture. You can visit homes of cultural heritage and attend different traditional and cultural events in the summer time.

Let us first mention the museums: The Planšar museum in Stara Fužina will show you the old way of life in the summer months, when the farmers drove their livestock high into the mountains, where the planšars took it over. Planšars were shepherds and dairy farmers of a sort, who grazed livestock in the mountains (mostly cattle) and produced a cheese that is still highly prized today, along with other dairy products. In The Oplen House you will be given the opportunity to see what it was like to live in a farmer's house in the 19th century. However, you can step even further back in time in Bohinjska Bistrica, where you can find an archaeological exhibition in the Tomaž Godec Museum. You can also visit a small war museum and leather dresser museum there as well.

As far as cultural monuments go, let us mention the famous “stog” in Studor. This is a specific type of hayrack that you can encounter around the whole Studor village. The stone granaries in the Ravne village are also an interesting sight, as well as the Zois mansion with its tower clock in Bohinjska Bistrica. You can take a walk from our guesthouse on Nemški Rovt to Kobal’s house, where you can find restored frescoes from the 18th century. There is also a very nice walkway from Nemški Rovt to Hemin’s blast furnace, which is close to the Nomenj village. But the most relaxing experience will most definitely be, staying at one of the still working mountain cottages in the summer months, where you can see cattle peacefully grazing on the green mountain pastures.

The biggest traditional event in Bohinj is the Cow’s Ball (Kravji bal), when decorated cows return back to the valley from the mountains. Other important events include the Farmers Wedding (Kmečki ohcet), where they stage a wedding according to old traditions. A lot of the times though the wedding is not staged, but there is actually a real couple that gets married in this way. A very popular event is also the Midsummer Night in mid-August, which attracts plenty of old and young guests with a rich display of fireworks and lights in eggshells, which light up the lake. Let us not forget the Festival of Classical Music organized by St. Martin’s church, where the best classical musicians are invited to play.