Our guesthouse is located in a small village with about 100 residents, at 668 meters above sea level, far away from the hustle and bustle of modern tourism. Here you can feel the beat of village life and the smell of fresh mountain air. There is also an eco-farm in the village, where they serve excellent cottage cheese and the mohant cheese – a Bohinj specialty. The central part of the village is St. Ahac’s church, which was consecrated in 1492, the year Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Take a walk through our village and discover an incredible view of the Bohinj basin, surrounded by a wreath of the Bohinj mountains. Unforgettable. Come join us.

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In the Ahčič house, the beekeeper, Jan Strgar was born. He lived and worked on Bitnje (you can see the house from the outside and there is also a memorial plaque). The tradition of beekeeping is now being carried on in the Nacek and Kramar homesteads.

Do not miss the old “Kobal farmer’s house”, where there are still preserved baroque frescoes from the year 1777. There is a border made of natural stone around the windows. It is also used in the arched entrance, inscribed with the year 1887 in the middle.

In Nemški Rovt, you can row or ever ice skate in the winter time, under good conditions. There is an occasional torrential lake that occurs at large rainfalls. You can find it not far from the village, next to the road, that leads to Jelovica. So much water gathers in the depression that a small lake forms (600 m long, 200 m wide and up to 10 m deep). The lake eventually disappears, as it does not have any water flowing into it.

Past Nemški Rovt there is a road that leads to the Soriška planina ski slope, or further on over the pass into the Bača valley to Podbrdo. This path is of interest to cycling and motorcycling enthusiasts as well, because of its extraordinary nature and beautiful twisting road.