The restaurant is located in the same building as the rooms, so if you are our guest, you can have breakfast in your slippers.
The restaurant is divided into 4 parts: by the bar (in the front), the terrace by the house (located by the field with the children’s playground), the covered terrace (at the back of the house) and a separate room.
The restaurant can entertain 50 guests in the winter time and up to 110 guests in the summer. We serve lunch at noon, and other food a la carte in the afternoon and evening.
For private parties we recommend the separate room or the covered terrace. Guests with pets will probably like the open terrace best. For families we suggest the area next to the bar, where you can find a very big family table with lots of board games, or the open terrace, since it is located next to the playground.

The most important thing in our kitchen are fresh and high quality cooking ingredients, which is why our menu changes with the seasons.
Our menu is not the longest, because we prefer quality over quantity. The menu choices may seem modest, but we promise that our flavours are always lavish. Our head chef and owner of the Resje Bed and Breakfast, is the man behind the idea of traditional Slovenian dishes, prepared in a modern way.

That is why you can find everything from cold cuts with zaseka (a spread made of animal fats) to steaks on the menu. The main stars of our kitchen are smoked trout and ješprenček (a type of meaty broth).

As an accompaniment to our dishes we also put a high emphasis on our vine selection. All of our vines are of Slovenian origin from different vineyards, so the selection is diverse enough for anyone. Our vine card is also updated seasonally.
We are always happy if you give us a call and reserve a table before you arrive.