Things look bleak for Starfleet

All of this culminated in late 2008 with Star Trek: Destiny, an epic novel trilogy by David Mack, detailing the final war between The Federation and the Borg Collective. After suffering one defeat after another at the hands of Starfleet, … Read More

Written by the Winners: Played straight

The player avoids or flees as many Random Encounters as possible (while reducing the amount of experience he is forced to gain, if that option is available) while still defeating the required enemies and winning the game. Written by … Read More

Man cave signs mark your territory

Lawyer Friendly Cameo: “Oklahoma Bones”, among others. Magic Meteor: How most of the Zoo Crew got their powers. Magic Wand: Alley Kat Abra’s “Magic Wanda”. Millard Fillmore: Parodied as Mallard Fillmore (No relation). Naked People Are Funny: When Grodd the … Read More

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