That both make it clear they never existed in the “real”

She immediately exploits them all and takes him down quite quickly. As a former newspaper caricaturist Sleen also enjoyed giving celebrities of his day a cameo in his stories and make references to stuff that was in the news in those days. Figuring he’d landed on some previously unknown part of Asia, he referred to the natives generically as “Indians,” and the island chain as the “East Indies”.

Izumi, while crossdressing, reveals his gender Replica Handbags in front Replica Valentino Handbags a crowd. Mick and Leanne Gold. That both make it clear they never existed in the “real” Doctor Who Expanded Universe Replica Designer Handbags in the first place: The Doctor Who New Replica Hermes Handbags Adventures novel “Conundrum” reinterpreted the Replica Hermes Birkin TV Stella McCartney Replica bags Comic stories and Hermes Replica Handbags their characters Designer Replica Handbags as being Land of Fiction constructs while the Doctor Who Magazine strip Replica Stella McCartney bags “The Land of Happy Endings” preferred to portray them as a wistful dream on the Doctor’s part (there are some short stories in the Short Trips series of books which take place explicitly in the TV Comics universe that still feature the characters, and a pair of child First Doctor companions with these names appear in the Telos novella Time and Relative, although they are instead written as realistic 60s teenagers)..

Butt Monkey: LaBamba is often this. Hair Color Dissonance: Word of God is that Tonbo’s hair is actually black, but it’s portrayed as purple for Tonbo and green for Fuuka for the comic, and it has to Valentino Replica Handbags do with how Tonbo sees herself. Information Wants to Be Free: Logan’s shtick as Eyes Only, except of course when it comes to his own identity and those of his operatives.

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